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Organising Tips:

  • Make sure that your venue can cater for your number of guests
  • Your venue should not be empty, nor should it be crammed.
  • Start with a theme to base your Ball on – this will set the tone of the evening.
  • Make sure the invites are informative – Date, Time, Dinner included, Theme, Formal Dress etc…
  • The venue is the most important, then the Entertainment - your choice of music will make or break an event. Make sure everyone will enjoy it.
  • Arrange transport options – ie: Buses to and from the venue.
  • Giving out a flower to all the ladies at the entrance is a nice gesture (especially if the blokes hand them out!)
  • An MC during the dinner (maybe a teacher) is always fun, especially if you have some awards to hand out (best dressed, best theme costume, most effort etc)
  • Don’t forget a photographer to capture the evening.

Have a great time, look fantastic, and have a Ball!

Some Tips from previous Ball attendees:

  • Charge your camera! You don’t want to get half way into the night and have the battery run out!   
  • Don’t forget to eat! Eat light and healthy foods through out the day to get you ready for the big night. 
  • Forget stilletos! Get some ballet pumps, they look really girly but are comfortable too so you can dance.
  • Hairspray, and lots of it! You dont want your hairstyle falling to pieces or going flat halfway through the night.
  • Don’t stress about your date. If you don’t have one, go with one of your friends, you’ll have just as good a time, maybe even better! 
  • If you’re going to get a facial before your ball never get it on the day! Get it a few days before instead, so your skin has had time to settle. 
  • Always allow an extra hour at the hairdressers as things do and will go wrong. And if you happen to finish on time at least you have an extra hour up your sleeve for the fine details.
  • Make sure you have some blister stop plasters in your bag
  • Always ring to confirm your appointments! 
  • If you are fake tanning before the ball make sure you have a practice run at least two weeks beforehand to ensure you find the best method and don’t turn up orange! 
  • Take blotting paper to get rid of any shine, it keeps you looking fresh faced.
  • If you want to make the most of your ball you need to be on time. Make sure your transport is VERY reliable. 
  • If you’re wearing a strap-less dress, brush some bronzer of your décolletage, shoulders and the top top back. It makes your skin look perfect and comes out really great in photos! And it makes you look tanned! 
  • ALWAYS practice your hair and make up a few times before your ball if you doing it yourself! Then you’ll know just how it will look and it will be quick and easy to do on the day.
  • Pick one thing to be the “Show Stopper.” Too many people go all out on everything - dramatic makeup, dress and hair. Pick your best feature and make it the main point, everything else should just be there to compliment it. 
  • Preparation is key! And I mean for everything! Make sure you have your hair, makeup, tan etc. booked well in advance as the good times are taken up quickly.  
  • Don’t put your dress on until right before you leave the house. You don’t want to get make-up or food or any other stains on it! 
  • Get together with your mates at someones house and help each other get ready. It’s soooo much more fun!  
  • Relax!! If you are worrying the whole night about how you’re looking and what everyone is thinking about you, it will ruin your night! Get ready with supportive friends and celebrate! 
  • If you are wearing press on nails MAKE sure you put them on AFTER you do your hair and makeup! I got caught out with this and had to take them all off to do my makeup! LOL. Oh and ALWAYS take photos of the “getting ready” part, it makes an awesome scrapbook!  
  • Wear your heels around the house with socks on before your ball. It stretches them out so you don’t get blisters! 

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