The Thank You Note

You no doubt will arrive back from your honeymoon to a lovely range of gifts, all of which will require a personal handwritten note of thanks. Ordering thankyou notes with your initial run of stationery will save the time and hassle of finding, making or printing notes. This carries through the theme of you wedding even after it is over and you also have cards ready to go for any pre-nuptial gifts.

Start on the right foot by keeping a meticulous record of every gift you get - what it is, who it's from and when you received it. The easiest way to achieve this to assign someone for this special job maybe your sister or a bridesmaid. By writing the gift on the back of the card with it, the cards can be kept together and thankyou notes can be written from these. This is a particularly efficient solution if you choose to open your gifts at the reception.

Most people agree that sending a note within one month of receiving any gift is acceptable. However if you are planning a long honeymoon or have over 100 notes to write you may want to complete them earlier rather than later. Sending thankyou's for any gifts that arrive before the wedding day soon after you receive them will limit the number of notes to be written after your nuptials and honeymoon.

A wedding photo or a group photo of you and all of your guests at the wedding could be made into thankyou cards. This is a great momento and works well if you're making your own stationery, using the same card or paper used for your invitations.

Each note should include a specific mention of the gift - so the reader knows you received it. For example, 'Thank you so much for the fantastic art deco clock you gave us. It looks wonderful in our kitchen and we'll never be late again!' If someone gives you a monetary gift, avoid using the words cash or cheque in your note, 'thankyou for your generous gift' is possibly more tactful.

Once you have covered the basics in your note, you can add other personal touches such as thanking your guest for travelling so far, or helping out with the decorations. Whatever you write and whatever you write it on, ensure each note is personal, warm and sincere.

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